Summertime ushers in thoughts of trips and adventures. Our family has already attended a weekend festival, an out-of-town wedding, three camps, a high school reunion, plus taken trips to the beach and to see a friend. All within one month.

I’ve always craved adventure. Some of my earliest memories consist of climbing trees and swinging from the rafters of dad’s shop. I once got my leg stuck on the prong of a chain link fence. My neighbor found me hanging upside down and freed me from my predicament.

I also talked my younger sister into jumping from the roof of our house to a picnic table in the yard. I loved the thrill of it. Her, not so much. She sprained her ankle on that jump. Who knew she had weak ankles!

Adventure comes in different forms

On some days, adventure means getting out of bed and dressing for the day. Or it could simply be a moment of getting out of our comfort zone.

After my husband Matthew died, I tried to make life as normal as possible for our family, even though the family unit didn’t come close to resembling what we once had. I decided the boys and I needed an adventure and planned our first ski trip over Christmas break.

We traveled to New Mexico, with a stop in Oklahoma City to visit family.

It was an adventure alright, beginning with sleet as we left Oklahoma. Then we drove through white-out conditions in Texas, ending up in a small town in New Mexico with one gas station – the only resemblance of snacks in the area.

I spent half the first ski day in a medical tent, experiencing altitude sickness for the first time. The second day wasn’t much better. We got separated and my youngest cried he never wanted to ski again.

But the boys learned to ski and snowboard and we made it home in one piece. It has since become an annual tradition.

Some of our greatest adventures are unplanned

I think David had a sense of adventure too. As a young boy, he tackled a lion and bear. He didn’t know he was going to fight a giant one day, but when the time came, David forged ahead with confidence. He also became an accomplished musician and wrote many songs.

When he brought the Ark of the Lord back home, David sang and danced in the streets. He knew how to live a full life, not letting doubt and fear steal his peace and joy.

Let go and live

Do you need an adventure today? What would your adventure look like? Is it a drive in the countryside or going on a boat ride? Taking your grandchild for a sno-cone or settling down with a good book? Maybe it’s slowing down to watch the sunset or taking that long-anticipated trip.

Can you let go of the stress and strain of your day to live the life you’ve always wanted? There will likely be bumps along the way, but don’t lose heart. The thrill of the journey is worth it in the end.