I have successfully loaded a ski lift for 30 plus years. Until today. Today, that lift got the best of me. It’s a special lift – I call it the magic carpet lift. When you enter, you stand still, and it takes you to the place where the seat picks you up. Except when my ski tips hit the slushy ice, my feet took an unnatural turn. Knees pointed together, I fell backward, the seat hitting my head while I lay there calling out “my knees, my knees.” Oh, I’m going to feel that stiffness tomorrow. Now, that was embarrassing enough. But that wasn’t enough. I did the very same thing again. The very same thing twice! Poor Parker. He was so embarrassed.

Sometimes life just gets the best of us. We may be enjoying a normal day when we’re struck by a sad moment. That moment can throw our whole day – or even week – out of whack. We could receive a dreaded call about a family member. Or things seem to fall apart around us.

In one month alone, Garrett, 15 at the time, ran into a barbed wire fence, our roof leaked, termites swarmed our neighborhood, our water heater needed repairing and we found a rodent living in our attic, just to name a few! Lord help us all when those types of weeks or months rain down on us.

If you’re like me, you just need to talk to your person to face the days when our hearts are heavy, our minds a cluttered mess.

I don’t know all the whys and answers to our questions, but I do know that God sees. He sees us, he knows us and he’s beside us during our painful moments. Scripture even tells us directly that God hears our prayers. “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayers.” 1 Peter 3:12.

We may not always feel this way, and our feelings are likely to get in the way, but this is truth. He is attentive to our prayers.

I may not have voiced the words to the Lord, please save my knees, but God heard the cry of my heart. My knees will recover, eventually, and the young man who picked me up from my disarranged limbs was patient and kind. For that, I am grateful.

Side note. My boys talked me into trying that lift again the next day. I did not want to, but I survived it. I can leave Spring Break knowing I conquered my fear.