The rooster crowed, and his heart sank. How could he do the very thing he said he would never do? He had vowed he would lay down his life for Jesus. On that fateful evening, Peter denied he knew Him.

Lord of the second chance

What did Jesus do? Scripture never says He brought up Peter’s betrayal again. The Bible does say that Jesus gave him another chance to stand up for Him. He knew Peter’s heart and told him to feed his sheep. Jesus trusted Peter with those He loved.

Other Bible characters come to mind – Jonah, David, Samson to name a few. They all picked themselves back up and honored God with their lives.

Sometimes it’s hard to hand out second chances. But isn’t that what Jesus does for us? 

We may not think the “small” sins we commit hurt anyone else, but they usually do. As believers, going in the opposite direction from what God tells us to do betrays the one who loves us unconditionally.

If you don’t yet know Christ, salvation is that second chance from God.     

Seek forgiveness and receive peace

I know of someone who had an affair, destroying not only her own marriage but the other marriage in the relationship as well. Eight years later, she found Jesus. He forgave her and saved her, but He also prompted her to ask forgiveness from the other person impacted by her sin. That step of faith gave her the peace that comes from receiving forgiveness.

That’s what God does with betrayal. He forgives and allows a way for restoration and forgiveness. And He calls us to forgive and allow that person to earn our trust once more.

Has someone hurt you recently? Betrayed you?

Let’s learn from Jesus’ response to Peter. Forgive.