Lately, God has been speaking to me about letting go and giving my “stuff,” (my worries or fears or decisions) to Him.

This week His message came through loud and clear in a game of fetch with our puppy, Winston Duke, who I call annoying most of the time.

We play the game almost every day, the puppy and me. He has his squeaky toy. I throw it across the room so he can chase it. The problem lies in that he won’t give it back. No, he doesn’t settle for the usual game of fetch, dropping it at my feet so I can throw it again. He wants me to take it from him. He’ll get within reach but will run or turn his head away so I can’t grab the toy.

Sometimes he gets really close so I can take it from him. But I have to sneak it from his mouth, then throw it to give him the thrill of the game.

We’re like that too. We have some problem or worry or decision we want God to take from us. Until we drop it at his feet, we’re not actually releasing it to Him. And we miss the thrill or joy of what God has next for us.