About Patricia

Raised among the cypress trees and bayous of the Louisiana Delta, Patricia Cameron learned early on to cherish God and family. Losing her husband unexpectedly at 45 tested her faith, but also set in motion the desire to help others see that God is worthy of praise, even in times of grief. Her late husband’s zest for life inspired Patricia to live her own, fully aware of God’s presence, power and purpose — and to encourage others to do the same.

Attending church every Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday night (staying home was not an option), along with a loving home life, introduced Patricia to Jesus and grounded her in her faith.

Overcoming obstacles

Overcoming obstacles were shown by example, as her family lived through a debilitating accident that left her dad with two prosthetic legs. As he learned to thrive again, she also learned to persevere through difficult times.

Other experiences shaped her life. Losing her husband suddenly at 45 rocked her world, but also set in motion a passion to share her experiences to help others gain strength and courage to live beyond their pain.

It is her desire that others experiencing great loss will know they can survive any season of suffering. And not only survive but go on to become better and stronger as they press on to know God and discover His will for their lives.

Embracing adventure

An adventurer at heart, Patricia loves traveling and anything outdoors, seeking to live life to the fullest. She enjoys “forcing” her sons on her many adventures, although they have undoubtedly surpassed her in many areas. When not cheering them on in basketball, soccer and tennis tournaments, she enjoys gardening, reading, walking outdoors and the occasional tennis match. She loves walks on the beach, long weekends at the lake, sunsets and sunrises, the thrill of downhill snow skiing, heart-to-heart talks, chocolate (who doesn’t?), and an ice-cold Dr Pepper.

Patricia has the honor and joy of raising three sons, Connor, Garrett and Parker. Her daughter Ashlynn died at birth and is safe in the arms of Jesus.

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