My Christmas Gift to You

My Christmas Gift to You

My Christmas gift to you

A friend of mine once told me she was praying the 5 P’s over me — God’s peace, power, provision, protection and prosperity. I love that!

I have since prayed that prayer often, but I’ve added a couple more – presence and purpose, making it 7 P’s.

I so want to experience God’s presence in my life, in every decision and in every aspect of my day. I want my life to have purpose and want to live out HIS purpose for me.

One Holy Night

One holy night, Christ came down and blessed us with His presence as a babe in a manger. God came down. He left the splendor of Heaven to meet us here on earth. He came to walk beside us. He came to make the world right again.

Today, I’m comforted by this thought. I am NOT alone. HE is with me.

Through darkness and trial, in light and joy, He is with us.

One Holy, Living God

As my gift to you this Christmas, I offer this prayer over you.

I pray you will be blessed by the presence of the Holy, Living God this week. I pray that you will be able to put aside the worries and anxieties of this world and worship the One True God. May you fully experience the presence of Jesus like a warm blanket on a chilly night.

I pray that you will walk in His power and that you will embrace and rest in His peace at this time. I encourage you to see past the expectations of this life and the world we live in to experience the goodness of God. May you see your God-given purpose as clear as the Bethlehem star in the night sky. I pray that you would pursue that purpose without yielding to distractions or stopping at roadblocks.

May you see the provision He’s already provided and be confident in the prosperity that will come. I pray that you will listen to no other voice than the One who tells you that you are loved, you are valuable and you are not alone.

My friend, I pray God’s peace, presence, power and purpose over you. I pray for His protection, provision and prosperity in your life and that you would have the insight to recognize them.



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