Our puppy eats socks. Not only has he swallowed one, but two. After the first time, we were so grateful because it came back up after a week. We try to protect him from himself – shutting all the doors to bathrooms and bedrooms. Most of the time he just rips the socks to shreds when he finds them. Certainly, he wouldn’t do it again.

But three weeks later, he looked at my son Parker in defiance and swallowed the second sock whole.


That time, I thought surely, we would end up at the vet with an obstruction. But three days later, the sock came back up . . . and out. Thank you, Lord.

Sadly, we rebel too. We participate in activities we know aren’t good for us. We involve ourselves in pursuits we know we should avoid. After all, disobeying God was mankind’s original sin. Many times, we seek the approval of others and trust our own wisdom over God’s. We do this not once, but often multiple times. 

These are just a few examples. I expect you can think of many more.

Rebellion usually ends in hurt and pain.

God really does know what’s best for us. After all, He gave us instructions through His Word to protect us from ourselves. It would be wise on our part to trust Him, obey Him and save ourselves some pain.

So far, the puppy only tries to steal socks, but I wouldn’t put it past him to steal other items. In fact, be sure to hold on to any loose clothing should you ever drop by my house. The canine thief prowls around just waiting.